UNESCO programme „Memory of the World”

The implementation of UNESCO programme “Memory of the World” in Latvia is one of the Latvian National Commission for UNESCO priorities, therefore the Latvian national register was initiated as a part UNESCO “Memory of the World” programme in 2009. The aim of this project is to promote the protection, accessibility and identification of the most important national documentary heritage in Latvia and worldwide. The register contains vital documentary testimonies that have influenced the development of history on the national and international level. All activities within the register are carried out in order to direct the attention of Latvian society towards the importance of documentary heritage and its role in relation to collective cultural memory, the significance of keeping the heritage intact, relevant use of technical appliances and proper interpretation. Right now, the registry contains eight nominations which in terms of the register are understood as recognition and honorary title for a documentary heritage object or specific item.

There are two nominations that represent Latvia in the International Register of UNESCO Memory of the World programme:

1) Latvian nomination „Dainu skapis – Cabinet of Folksongs” - inscribed in 2001;

2) the Baltic States joint nomination „The Baltic Way – Human Chain Linking Three States in Their Drive for Freedom” - inscribed in 2009.

Latvian National Memory of the World Register was founded in 2009 and four nominations are inscribed:

1) “Eduards Kraucs’ collection of glass plate photographic negatives - the course of the construction of Kegums Power Station 1936-1940”;

2) „In Siberia Written Letters on Birch Bark”;

3) “Rainis and Aspazija Mutual Correspondence 1894–1929”;

4) “Memorandum of the Latvian Central Council Riga, 17 March 1944”.

Inscriptions on the Latvian National Register of the Memory of the World Programme in 2013

5) “Documentation of Traditional Skills and Lifestyle in Photo Negatives made by the Board of Monuments during the Expeditions from 1924 until 1931”

Extention of the nomination „In Siberia Written Letters on Birch Bark”

In 2017 three new nominations were included in the National Register of the UNESCO Memory of the World programme:

6) Collection of Phonograph Wax Cylinders from the Archives of Latvian Folklore (1926 – 1947);

7) Collection of Antique Collection on Livonia (Latvia and Estonia) by Johann Christoph Brotze (13th – 19th Century);

8) Handwritings of the Moravian Brethren (18th – 19th Century)

An addition to the nomination „In Siberia Written Letters on Birch Bark” was made.

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